Stepdad bursts rocket bottle inside boy’s mouth, forces him to stand facing a wall for a week, while mom did nothing

Warning: includes graphic descriptions of child abuse that may be upsetting to some viewers.

A kid in Naugatuck, Connecticut, was living in hell after his stepfather subjected him to horrific inhumane treatment. Kevin Grant, the boy’s 31-year-old stepfather, would not let him sleep in his own bed and would compel him to do things like drink glasses of hot sauce, causing him to vomit, and kneel on hard, uncooked rice for a whole day. What’s more, the boy’s mom, 29-year-old Kaitlin Elizabeth Baptiste, did nothing to protect Kevin from torturing her kid.

On October 1, the child was finally safe when somebody filed an anonymous report with the state Department of Children and Families about the continued assault. According to reports, the cops discovered a dozen methods in which Kevin would torture the child at their Forest Street home.

In June, the child was watching television when his brother crashed into a table while playing with his siblings. The sibling “cracked his skull open,” and despite having nothing to do with it, the tortured child was accused for harming his brother. As punishment, the child was forced to stand in front of a wall for a week. The child had to stay standing even while eating.

The child was forced to sleep in the garage for many nights and then in the laundry room for four months by his stepfather. During an interview with an investigator, the boy confessed that his mom only allowed him permission to knock when he needed to use the restroom. But the harsh stepfather would never let it. Rather than knocking, Kevin would shout at him and demand him to urinate in his trousers.

Unfortunately, there was a lot more to the cruelty that his stepfather subjected him to. Kevin would regularly do things to him and force him to do things that would harm him, according to the arrest warrant.

Kevin forced the boy to do push-ups until his arms gave out, and he had to stand on a ladder with one leg in the air while thumbtacks were stored below. As per the warrant, the disgusting stepfather once exploded a bottle rocket within the boy’s mouth, injuring him.

Kevin was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, deliberate cruelty to humans, risk of damage to a kid, second-degree reckless endangerment, and disorderly conduct when the terrible abuse became public.

Kaitlin was also jailed after she stood by and did nothing when Kevin punished her kid in a cruel way. She was detained on suspicion of endangering a kid, irresponsible endangering in the second degree, and conspiracy to commit both deliberate mistreatment to individuals and disorderly conduct.

Police said that through the inquiry, it was decided that the suspect was aware that her husband, the juvenile’s step-father, was forcing him to sleep in a locked closet for several months and would subject the kid to different physical punishments, including kneeling on tacks and drinking hot sauce until he vomited.

The stepfather was released after posting a $25,000 bond, and Kaitlin also paid a $10,000 bail.

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