Woman hospitalized after contracting deadly infection from biting her nails

If, like me, you like to nibble your nails rather than trim them, you should actually listen. That also applies to those of you who have friends and family that do it.

A woman from Scotland is giving a reminder after her buddy became infected from biting on her nails, which might be fatal.

Karen Peat sent horrible photos of an unnamed friend’s finger, which revealed a massive yellow blister around her thumb nail. According to accounts, the sufferer chewed their nails so deeply that an infection occurred, requiring them to be transported to the hospital.

The illness was alleged to have spread up their arm and necessitated emergency surgery on their finger. It may have killed the victim if left uncontrolled.

On January 7, Karen took to Facebook to issue a stern warning to individuals who bite their nails.

She said in her post: A message to all nail biters out there STOP!!! Someone she knows who likes to stay anonymous and chews their nails had to be sent to Glasgow Royal Infirmary for emergency surgery after biting their nails down too deep and developing an infection in the finger.

This individual had been to two chemists and spoken to two different pharmacists over the past few days who had recommended to use magnesium sulphate and keep it covered but it still got worse and when eventually went to the A&E and was told that if left any longer it could have been fatal as the infection was travelling up the arm, hence the emergency surgery!

So please, please stop biting one’s nails.

Nail-biting may be seen as a nasty habit, but she is sure she is not alone in being astounded by the clear harm it may create.

Karen provided an update on her buddy’s condition, saying, surgery done, on a drip for antibiotics for the next several days, and here is how it looks. PS missing a nail on one finger that may never grow back, but one less nail for them to nibble.

That surely has given us all something to think about.

Share this story with everyone you know who chews their nails! You never know, you could be able to save their life.

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