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Steven ‘tWitch’ Boss’ Death Aftermath: His Wife & Three Kids Can’t Get Anything From His Estate.

Recently, the DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss was honored with an emotional memorial ceremony. After he committed himself at the age of 40, the dancer’s family and close friends came to say farewell. Over 500 people attended the memorial ceremony, including close personal friends and coworkers.

Allison Holker, the wife of Stephen, spoke during the funeral and expressed her desire to memorialize her late husband in a fitting manner. The event included honorary performances by singers and dancers who worked with Stephen, and notable attendees, including Ellen DeGeneres, Jeff Thacker, and Wayne Bradi.

Allison remarked, he deserves recognition. Allison also disclosed that the family founded the Move with Kindness Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to assist others who, like Stephen, struggle with mental health.

Allison was required to file a California Spousal Property Petition after Stephen’s death to establish that she was the dancer’s spouse. The petition is essential as Stephen died without a will, preventing Allison from claiming his half of their joint assets.

Almost two months after her husband’s death, Allison filed a petition for Stephen’s share of their joint inheritance to be released. Documents are used to demonstrate that she is Stephen’s surviving spouse. The records also revealed that Stephen died without a will.

Allison thinks the court will find in her favor and provide her access to Stephen’s portion of their inheritance by revealing details about their relationship, such as the date of their marriage and the truth that they began their relationship with “no money.” In addition, the petition said that Stephen resided in California during his marriage and lacked a will.

Although Allison is requesting access to Stephen’s inheritance, she is not requesting administration. Allison will have access to Stephen’s portion of Stephen Boss Productions, his Goldman Sachs investment, and income from numerous projects if the court rules in her favor.

Allison took a social media break after Stephen’s death. After Stephen’s death, she remained silent for a considerable amount of time before breaking her silence. Allison just uploaded a slideshow of family photographs set to Rihanna’s “Lift Me Up.” She captioned the post:”To my husband, best friend, babe, Chee-chalker, Superman and father of my children I LOVE YOU FOREVER and ALWAYS! We will forever remember you as the true beacon of light that you were and we will continue to cast your light and love throughout the world.”

His wife and two biological kids, Maddox and Zaia Boss, survive him. Stephen was also the adoptive father of Weslie, the kid of Allison’s previous relationship. A source revealed that Allison spent a considerable amount of time guaranteeing the children’s well-being following Stephen’s death.

Allison’s first concern was to reassure the children that the loss of their father was not their fault. She also desired to demonstrate that they could perpetuate his legacy by devoting time to his passions. She also wished her children would understand Stephen’s affection for them.

Stephen’s mom, Connie Boss Alexander, expressed disbelief at her son’s passing. Stephen was honored at the 2023 Grammys with a performance by Quavo and Maverick City Music on February 5. During the segment, a photograph of the DJ was shown with his name.

Connie also memorialized her deceased son on Instagram, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to raise Stephen. She proceeded by stating that she is certain they will meet again someday. She concluded by stating, “I LOVE YOU! Sleep in power darling.”

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