Teen Gang Member Permanently Disables Police Officer, Judge Gives Generous Deal.

With eleven arrests at the age of 15, Crips gang member Justin Murrell was one misstep away from a lengthy jail sentence. Sadly, the judicial system does not seem to believe that permanently crippling a loving police officer and family guy is sufficient to keep the juvenile gangbanger off the streets.

The New York Post states that NYPD Detective Dalsh Veve saw Murrell behind the wheel of a stolen car while responding to a noise complaint at a Flatbush house party. As the juvenile left the scene, Murrell instantly stepped on the throttle, crashing into the officer. Unbelievably, Veve clung to the side of the automobile and fired two shots into it, hitting Murrell in the jaw and putting a stop to the 60-mph trip.

Veve tumbled from the vehicle and sustained severe head and body injuries only seconds before Murrell wrecked the stolen automobile and escaped on foot with two others. Murrell was arrested while attempting to get medical care. Sadly, his victim was not as fortunate.

Veve was left with lifelong brain damage, leaving him wheelchair-bound and nearly completely unable to communicate. His wife, Esther Veve, revealed that her husband needs 24-hour care and does not always recognize her or their 4-year-old daughter, Darshee.

Esther and her husband’s supporters got worse-than-anticipated news despite begging the court to inflict the maximum sentence, which was just 10 years in jail. Not only was Murrell’s attempted murder charge lowered to first-degree assault, but Judge Ruth Shillingford also sentenced the remorseless gangbanger to a minimum of 16 months and a maximum of 4 years in a juvenile prison institution. Obviously, the phrase provoked fury.

Judge Shillingford stated that Murrell’s age at the time of the offence contributed to her reduced punishment. Unbelievably, the adolescent did not show sorrow and never spoke for himself in court, allowing his lawyers to do all the talking.

Supporters are justified in their fury. While Justin Murrell may be released within a few months, his victim is likely to never walk again. Murrell was a husband, a dad, and a valiant police officer.

But, the most troubling aspect is that gang members like Murrell see a little over a year in lockdown as a badge of pride and an encouragement to continue committing crimes without fear of punishment.

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