Struggling Mother Pours Her Heart Out On FB.

Story by Amanda DeLuca

To the mama who isn’t getting enough…… Sleep. Support. Water. Quiet time. Girl time. Showers. Help. Respite. Funding. Adult conversations. Answers.

I see you, I’m holding space for your struggles, because they’re my struggles too.

For the mama who doesn’t have enough time for….. Exercise. Social events. Laundry. Yard work. Grocery shopping. Family Vacations. Self-care. Date Nights. Naps.

My heart is with you, and it hurts just the same.

To those of you who are scared about sending your child back to school. Who feels like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of hard. Worried about how you’ll ever make it through this hard season that isn’t letting up.

Feels like you’re standing in a crowded room, shouting at the top of your lungs and nobody even lifts their head from their morning cup of coffee to offer a helping hand.

Me too my friend, I am also crying lonely tears of desperation.

My heart is so heavy, I’m exhausted, the aggression makes me feel helpless, and I’m so sad for the struggles my sweet child is in.

We carry on because we must. We keep searching for answers because we promised we would never give up. We carry things that are much too heavy because if we don’t, nobody will.

I see you in your struggles mama, and I see your fight, we are in this space together. My tears flow for all of us who are struggling.

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