“You Are Going To Spoil The Kid” But She Decided Not To Change.

Story by Malana Bracht

You hold him too much. You’re going to spoil him. But If I don’t hold him, who will?

One day, he will enter into a world that is not his friend. He will live in a world that will not lift him up when he is down. When he is on his own, his friends won’t hold him when he is heart broken and his bosses won’t tell him “you did your best” when he fails.

But I will. I don’t care if it means he wants to be held all the time as a child or when he is in childcare. I don’t care if it means I will comfort him after every fall.

He needs at least one place in his life that he can fall into knowing he will receive rest, love, comfort, and acceptance regardless of performance. This doesn’t make him weak and it doesn’t make me a bad mom. It just makes me a mom.

I’m his momma and no one else can fill this role like I can.

This world will not hold him, but you best believe- I will.

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