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Studies show kids need their grandparents more than we realize.

The research is in, and the conclusions are clear: loving grandparents can make a significant impact in the lives of their grandchildren. When grandparents spend time with their grandchildren, they may provide additional support and direction. Nowadays, navigating the globe is difficult. Grandparents, on the other hand, have years of expertise and practice and know just how to handle every circumstance. This isn’t the first time things have gotten bad, and it certainly won’t be the last.

According to studies, children who have active grandparents throughout their childhood grow up to be healthier and happier than the average child.

There’s a reason behind this. In fact, we’ve compiled fifteen of them for you to enjoy today. Grandparents are definitely great for a variety of reasons, including giving life lessons and cracking the funniest jokes. Not to mention that they often make excellent babysitters for new parents.

1. Grandparents foster happiness.
Sara Moorman and Jeffrey Stokes’ new study published in The Gerontologist confirmed this. They investigated the impact of unity between grandparents and adult grandchildren and discovered something rather substantial. Increased interpersonal affinity between the two groups lowered both groups’ depression symptoms.

2. Older relatives may provide a sympathetic ear to children.
When a youngster is upset with their parents, grandparents might provide an additional channel for them to express their feelings. Children are excellent at finding reasons to weep or whine, but a sympathetic ear from a grandmother may make all the difference. Children often do not listen to advice from their own parents; nevertheless, grandparents may be capable of offering encouragement and making comments that the children will really hear.

3. They serve as a reminder of our family heritage.
Our past and family history are frequently vital parts of our own identity, and grandparents are a crucial connection for many individuals. They may help us learn more about ourselves by telling us about our ancestors and sharing anecdotes about their childhoods. They make us feel more connected to our ancestors.

4. Life lessons are unavoidable.
Grandparents are in a unique position to affect future generations by imparting the wealth of knowledge they’ve gathered over the years. Experience and wisdom come with age. As the expression goes, this isn’t their first rodeo. Grandparents may help ensure that their grandchildren grow up to be productive and strong individuals by sharing their own mistakes and lessons learned.

5. The partnership benefits both sides.
It turns out that children like having grandparents as much as grandparents enjoy having grandchildren. It is a mutually beneficial connection for both sides. According to studies, children who have grandparents engaged in their development have higher overall well-being than children who do not have that contact. Moreover, grandparents who babysit their grandchildren live longer than other members of the same cohort who do not have childrearing obligations.

6. A feeling of stability is essential for youngsters.
The world around us is evolving at a fast pace. Grandparents, on the other hand, are a rock. Whether a child’s parents are divorcing or going through another terrible situation, the youngster can always count on his or her grandparents to show them love and be there for them. Whatever happens, your grandparents will always be your grandparents. They are just a phone call away, whenever you need them.

7. We learn to chuckle at little things.
Age brings with it the unavoidable drawbacks. Things like falling asleep on the sofa, forgetting the names of places or people, and even losing teeth are examples of symptoms. Grandparents, on the other hand, encourage us to be lighthearted about it. They are fantastic at making fun of these situations and making jokes about them. We’ll all get old, and bad things will happen to us, but that doesn’t mean we have to be bitter about it.

8. Grandparents make wonderful pals.
Although it’s unusual for children and their parents to identify their grandparents as their closest friends, grandparents have a bit more leeway in this respect. They do not need to be as rigid as parents are. Parents must be concerned about school, grades, food, and so forth. Nonetheless, grandparents may be a wonderful source of company for children without putting too much strain on them.

9. Mentoring and role modeling come naturally.
It is said that it is crucial to set an example, and grandparents are typically excellent at this. Many elderly people are staunch traditionalists who would gladly discuss the significance of moral principles and beliefs with you. Grandparents may be terrific instructors, even if their wisdom might be a touch antiquated at times. You also don’t have to worry about them being incompatible. They virtually always practice what they preach.

10. They tell us about prior fashion.
It’s always fantastic to see our grandparents dressed up in their outrageous outfits for important occasions. Nowadays, young people dress incredibly casually. Past generations knew how to dress up for a night on the town. Even if they were merely going down the street to the cigar parlor, guys would put on their best suit and bow tie.

11. We also educate them.
Although it is usually the other way around, we sometimes get to teach them new things. It’s just another fantastic technique to improve the grandparent-grandchild bond. We can teach kids about computers, cellphones, current cultural trends, or whatever else they choose. It’s amazing how grandparents are prepared to listen to advice from children a fraction of their age. They are never hesitant to acknowledge when they are confused about anything.

12. They are concerned about your requirements.
You can always count on never being hungry at Grandma and Grandpa’s place. They know how to care for all of your requirements, including keeping food on your plate and love in their hearts. If you needed clothing, your grandparents would give it to you.

13. Grandparents understand how to participate.
According to an AGA poll, 72% of grandparents “believe that becoming grandparents is the single most significant and fulfilling thing in their lives.” That’s almost three out of every four grandparents! They like participating in everything their grandchildren do, from attending sports events to making cookies with them.

14. Living in the present moment is critical.
Time is something that all grandparents understand. There is just so much of it in our existence on Earth. They have seen their children grow up much too quickly, so they understand how essential it is to enjoy the milestones of their grandchildren when they come. It’s the grandkids’ first birthday one day, and before you know it, eighteen years have gone by and they’re fully grown adults. Grandparents instill in us the value of appreciating every lovely moment.

15. Love is limitless and unconditional.
Everyone needs affection, and grandparents provide enough of it. The most beautiful element is that their love has no ties attached. It just is. Grandparents, like every other parent, love their grandkids entirely unconditionally. Regrettably, many children may not grasp the significance of their connection with their grandparents until it is too late.

Thus, to return to the original question: Why do children need grandparents? Although all 15 of these reasons are valid, the most significant is simply because grandparents are family. And sometimes, it is sufficient justification. Let us all take a minute to appreciate our grandparents for all of their devotion throughout the years.

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