Subway customer shoots dead worker as he had too much MAYO on his sandwich

After putting too much mayonnaise on their sandwich, a customer at an Atlanta Subway shop shot one female worker and wounded another. The incident happened at 6.30 p.m. on Sunday at a Circle K service station on Northside Drive. The two victims, both ladies, were discovered after cops came.

One of them was brought to the hospital for surgery right away. Her condition is still uncertain. As of Monday morning, the culprit was thought to be on the run. The identity of the accused and victim have not been revealed. It’s unknown if the gunman is male or female.

The Atlanta Police Department Public Affairs Unit has yet to publish a comment, but it sent a boilerplate email stating that ‘a synopsis of the event would be provided on their website shortly.’

Willie Glenn, the proprietor of a Subway restaurant, revealed that the attacker was a male, telling local media that it simply hurts his heart to think somebody has the arrogance to raise a gun at someone and shoot them over something as trivial as too much mayonnaise on a sandwich.

He chose to exacerbate the issue, and from there all hell broke out, Glenn explained.

The son of the worker who was killed was inside the store at the time of the incident, according to the store owner. He explained that the son of one of the young girls slain today was at the store. She had a small boy who had to watch everything.

He went on to describe the two female store employees as “model employees” after they had just been on the job for a month.

According to Glenn, the store manager who was working at the time of the incident shot back at the attacker but missed him. Glenn remarked that it’s extremely awful, because there’s so much shooting and killing going on, and this was just awful. His heart breaks for his staff.

He continued he is not sure what the world has come to, especially with the kids. They appear to be so impulsive. Everyone wants to own a gun. Everyone wishes to terrify someone with a pistol. It’s rather frightening out here.

The camera footage of the incident has yet to be made public. An inquiry into the issue is still continuing.

Al Robinson, who co-owns the Subway restaurant, was taken aback by what had happened.

Darin Schierbaum, the interim chief of police, subsequently informed the news source that disagreements will be the primary cause of killings in 2022. He explained an argument amounts to someone picking up a firearm and shooting that gun, killing or gravely injuring someone. He went on to say that individuals should understand how to discuss and deal with conflicts more effectively.

Schierbaum added they encourage people to talk it out, walk away, and not take up firearms. They can take down drug operations that spawn violent crime, they can deconstruct gang organisations that generate violent crime, they can halt robbery gangs that promote violent crime, but they can’t stop somebody who is angry because their sandwich has too much mayonnaise.

According to Glenn, the gunman had earlier been served at the store and had never had any problems with staff until today.

By what occurred tonight, his partners and he himself are re-evaluating whether or not they’ll continue to do this, at least in this neighbourhood, he says, adding that it’s not a risk worth taking.

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