Woman Had To Switch Off The Phone When Her Boss Did This. She Is Considering To Report Him.

It’s no surprise that working situations may be quite tiring: hazardous environments, long hours, and so on. Although it may appear that we are gradually working to improve these cultures and that companies will soon be able to create a healthy environment for their employees, we still have a long way to go. Read the story to know what happened between the employee and her boss and let us know what you would do in such a situation.

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My boyfriend (29 m) and I (26 f) are currently long-distance. We take turns visiting each other. He came to see me after almost two months of seeing each other. We finally were to make plans. I requested five days, which was approved by my job. I’ve worked there for six years.

It was after my shift, and I was heading out quickly. I had to pick my bf up from the airport. I clocked out, and while I was saying bye. My new boss of 2 weeks stopped me, and he asked if I could cover a shift. Since one of my co-workers called in sick. We’re short-staffed, and he needs me to stay for a couple hours more. I had a 10-hour shift. I was exhausted.

I responded no. I’m sorry, but I’m unable to, and I can’t stay late. I have covered it before. I don’t mind, but I had somewhere to be. I mentioned I was picking up someone at the airport. He told me they could take an Uber. My boyfriend wouldn’t be happy with me if I did with him. Also he has no key to my apartment.

No one else wanted to stay, and I was the third person he asked that and I said no. I said sorry, I can’t just tonight another time.

He called me a lousy worker, and I’m not a team player. I said, guess I’m not a team player and I walked passed him. I called out. I’ll see him in five days. While driving to the airport, I kept getting calls and texts from him; it got so bad that I had to pull over to turn off my phone. My boss wanted to come back to work.

I had to turn on my phone, so my boyfriend could contact me. My phone was flooded with text messages. Ding after ding I think I got close to 15 texts. I blocked his number.

I was so happy to see my bf. I was getting emails from him constantly when I was supposed to have my time off. I don’t respond and I rarely take vacation. One, he was asking me stuff that I didn’t know the answer to. Second, even if I did, I’m not telling him. I don’t know; I was starting to get petty.

I still had fun with my boyfriend. When I went to work, my boss called into his office. He blew up at me for being unprofessional, and he’s still new to this job. I should’ve helped or at least replied to the emails. I responded that other people could’ve helped him. It’s not my responsibility when it’s my vacation time. I got my first write-up ever.

Is this something I’m missing? Did I do something inherently wrong here? I’m actually considering reporting him. He is still new to his job. Am I the Jerk?

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