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Tara Reid claims that not having children has harmed her career: ‘They still think you’re that party girl’

Tara Reid is opening up about her personal life and work, as well as why she believes she might have achieved more professional success if she had kids.

The American Pie actress, 47, recently chatted with her old friend Derek Warburton for the newest edition of Mr. Warburton Magazine, in which she said that her professional life would have been “bigger” if she had children.

She is not married, and does not have kids, Reid said. And she believes that in Hollywood, if one doesn’t have children or isn’t married, one is judged. So people still believe she is the 40-year-old party lady.

But all of a sudden, if one has a kid and gets married, ‘Oh, she grew up, she’s great,’ she added.

What if one can’t have kids or chooses not to get married? she said. One can’t evaluate individuals anymore based on that. And it’s the one thing about their culture that she finds truly unjust.

Reid also stated why she hates the “bad girl image” she was given during her meteoric climb to stardom, remembering how media scrutiny damaged her career despite the fact that she “never did anything wrong.”

The actress said that she’s “never been to jail” while voicing irritation with unfavorable media scrutiny, and she quipped that she was the “godmother” of the sort of celebrity attention that stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton ultimately had to cope with.

She was the one who initiated this picture. The only difference is that she never made sex recordings. She never did anything wrong — not even a speeding ticket, Reid remarked. Nevertheless, what she did get punished for was that if she wasn’t at work or shooting, she went to Europe right away. She’d be popping bottles and having a good time. However, who doesn’t do that?

She was just on an attack, she subsequently said of her perceived unjust treatment in public. Everything she did was recorded, and it was pretty bad. That is why she left. It wasn’t only because she was female. It was because she was a convenient target. She didn’t have the money that Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian had, and she didn’t have the best attorneys in the world. One is going to be crushed if one attempts to sue them. So, what is one going to do? One needs to go away for a bit.

She is still here, Reid continued. She is in her second coming, and has never been happier. She would never be the girl sitting here if she hadn’t been examined, injured, and realized what was going on.

She learned about her privacy, who her friends are, who she needed to keep around her, and who she loves.


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