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Taylor Swift fans are wearing adult diapers to her three-hour show so they don’t miss any songs.

The tour chronicles the singer’s rise from an adolescent country artist to a worldwide pop phenomenon.

She performs songs from each of her ten albums for more than three hours. If you’re not a fan of a certain record, now is the time to take a break and go to the restroom or the bar.

Yet, if you’re a dedicated fan who knows the words and context to almost every single song, you’re unlikely to gain any relief.

Even if you manage to sneak away to the restroom between songs, you could miss something wonderful and special that Taylor speaks to the audience about, and that moment will be lost on you forever.

Swifties, on the other hand, are astute.

Adult diapers have been found, and some have been wearing them throughout the entire performance to prevent this annoying situation.

Fans have turned to TikTok to show off how they want to or have already achieved the look.

According to one lady, “for the amount of stress and time it took me to get Taylor Swift tickets, I will be getting an adult diaper because I am not missing a minute of it.”

@therealkatherine hit me up for the adult diaper plug 😂😂 #erastour #taylorswift #taylornation @taylorswift @taylornation #houstontaylorswift #erastourhouston ♬ original sound – katherine | latina creator

Another highlighted how difficult it was for her to get a diaper on beneath her glittering gown.

A separate user appeared at the performance, claiming that ‘no one knows I’m wearing a diaper for this’.

One fan who saw Swift perform in the rain captioned her video, “The diaper rash and trench foot were worth this moment of Taylor looking right at us.”

@sillygrlera the diaper rash and trench foot was worth this moment of taylor looking right at us💕 #delulu #taylorswift #erastour #foxboroughnight2 #gillettestadium #gilletten2 ♬ original sound – caylee

Fans have also lately reported experiencing forgetfulness as a result of their excitement upon watching their favorite singer perform again.

Jenna Tocatlian of New York saw the phenomenon firsthand, telling that “post-concert amnesia is real.”

Swiftie, 25, got lucky when the singer added a ‘surprise song’ to her repertoire for the event she attended.

Swift sung ‘Better Man,’ and Tocatlian would have had no clue if it hadn’t been recorded on tape by a buddy.

Tocatlian began listening to Swift’s hit on her phone while she and her pals waited to leave the crowded stadium, and she began quizzing her friends on what songs the singer had performed.

She admitted to herself that she was asking things such as, “Did she actually play that?” and “How much of it did she get to play?”

Others said that the memory gap was so great that they didn’t even attend the show.

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