Teacher Feels Her Family Is Complete After Adopting Her Student With Developmental Disability.

Troya Yoder was a paraprofessional at a school in Alabaster, Alabama, when she met 13-year-old David. He was a very shy kid with delayed speech and developmental disabilities. The Phys Ed teacher told Troya that David was about to be put on an adoption website, so Troya began thinking about the possibilities of adopting the young boy herself and bringing him into her own family.

She already had a daughter in her first year of college, a son in his last year of high school and another son who was close to David’s age. What would they think? And what would her husband think?… bringing another child into their family circle?

She found out quickly. Every one of them LOVED the idea of bringing David into the family, and each was more than willing to do whatever it took to make it happen. The young boy, himself, seemed very happy that Troya and her family wanted to adopt him.

But anyone who adopts a child knows that the process can be a lengthy one. There were times when Troya had to fill out and submit a mountain of paperwork. And then time would pass without a word from anyone connected with the adoption process. Then, she would have to fill out more paperwork, and answer a lot of questions. Then even MORE paperwork. It made Troya and her family wonder if things were working and getting through to the adoption agencies.

Finally, the family took classes to become a foster family, and David could started visiting them on a regular basis. He would spend some weekends with them, and he would enjoy all those visits, making time with all of the family members, including the family’s animals, all of which he seemed to like a lot.

Then, after a while, David moved in with the family full time and soon after, he was officially adopted by Troya and her family. They had taught him to do things on his own to become independent. Simple things that most of us take for granted… like taking a shower, washing his hair, and brushing his teeth.

He has since become quite a math whiz and even plays sports. And that once shy kid now talks up a storm, carrying on conversations with others and never afraid to ask questions. And Troya feels her family is now complete. 

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