Veteran Gets Reunited With His Stolen Dog.

Ya know, it’s a horrible thing when someone breaks into your home and steals your stuff. But it’s a whole nother thing when they break in and take your best friend.

When burglars broke into Geoff Hoffman’s home in Oklahoma City late last year, they could have robbed him of practically anything. They chose to take his 3-year-old pit bull, Bridget, who was an especially loving animal.

Geoff, a veteran, immediately told his friends about it and they all jumped into action, going around the area and posting signs about Bridget, and putting information about her on the Internet. Geoff’s story also was featured on a news channel.

A few days later, Geoff’s girlfriend spotted Bridget on a country road several miles from her home. She was frightened… she was dehydrated and had several deep cuts on her leg. She was quickly taken to a local clinic to being taken care of.

Geoff figures the massive exposure of losing Bridget caused the thief a lot of grief, so he let the dog go. So now Geoff and Bridget are back together, just the way it should be. 

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