Teachers Call Police On Schoolboy Selling Air Fresheners To Boost His Pocket Money.

Alicia McHale from Gorton, east Manchester was astonished when two police officers were asking for her nine year old son Donnan. She blamed Sacred Heart Primary School for calling the officers instead of directly speaking to her about the well being of her son.

Her son Donnan would buy four air fresheners from the pound shop and would sell them each for $1 outside a Tesco petrol station. He would do it only for an hour after school every night before coming home for his tea. In just four weeks he earned enough to buy a phone, bike, coat and tracksuit. He proved to be a sensible natural salesperson.

Suzanne Walker, headteacher at Sacred Heart Primary School explained that they are serious about the health and well being of their students in and out of the school. They felt it’s their duty to seek advice and guidance if they find any doubt on the safety of the students.

However his mother expressed that they are proud of their son for doing something worthwhile when most kids create havoc on streets.  She also mentioned that the manager at the Tesco keeps an eye on the child and also has her phone number.

A Manchester City Council spokesman stated that it wouldn’t be right talking about an individual child’s situation yet they will make sure to see if a child or a young person is safe and sound at all times.

A Tesco spokesman explained that when the staff learnt that Donnan wanted to boost his pocket money to buy a Christmas gift for his little sister they were deeply and emotionally moved and ensured he was safe at their store.

At a young age he is definitely learning a valuable lesson about life and money.

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