Young Widower And Father Of 7 Breaks Down When A Stranger Walks Up And Hands Over $10k.

In dark times there is always some kind of light. Just like Dakota Nelson’s story of a sudden terrible tragedy that is unimaginable however this family’s story has  turned into a perfect example of a motivational Christmas story of hope, kindness, love.

Dakota Nelson and his wife Ream Nelson happily married and had seven kids from the age of 1 to 16. But things changed when one day Dakota had gone to the garage to put some tool away and when he returned he found his wife’s lifeless body on the ground. Ream,38, heart stopped beating.

This tragic loss left Dakota a widower and single father of 7. Prayers and love poured in for the family. Through a GoFundMe page family and friends raised money for Dakota and his kids.

One day in December a stranger named Nate Eaton a news anchor for East Idaho New walked up to Dakota Nelson and his kids in a parking lot and presented the family with gifts from a Secret Santa. The father of 7 was taken a back as his children opened a gift box containing a $1000 gift acrd for groceries and another $1000 Walmart gift card. 

Nate also handed Dakota a check of $8000 who was touched by the gesture and had tears in his eyes. Dakota was truly thankful for the love and support they received. He also thanked God for the healing in their hearts and believes the Father in Heaven is working in each one of their lives.

Let us all love more, give more, share more, live more. Spread kindness, peace and joy.

Give hope. Inspire. Change lives. Share this story.

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