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UPS Driver And Rooster Have Hilarious Standoff In Driveway.

We have always heard of a dog guarding the home. In this story there is an interesting animal taking care of the home.

UPS drivers are always busy trying to deliver packages on time and trying to keep the customers happy. This UPS driver had to deliver two packages at AJ Taylor’s home. However the delivery man had a bit of an issue placing the package due to the home guard of the rooster. When he was walking into the home porch the rooster too was walking in the same direction as if he was trying to intimidate him.

Well the UPS man met Fred the guard rooster today. Fred was born angry this is just the 1st time we got it on camera. If anyone knows the UPS man send him my apologies. 🏃‍♂️💨💨🐓💨💨

Posted by AJ Taylor on Monday, 15 February 2021

The man tries to reason out with the rooster asking the animal if he doesn’t want him on the porch. To make himself look bigger the man then held the packages above his head trying to scare the rooster. Later the man started making enough noise to shoo the rooster away by gently clapping the packages together.

During all this time both of them kept an eye on each other. The closer the man came to the porch the farther the rooster seemed to go. At last the man placed the orders on the porch and looked at the security camera and said “Not cool” since he was a bit agitated. by the animal.

The rooster came back as the man was leaving. And guess what the rooster followed him. The man screaming when the rooster followed him was doubly funny.

The homeowner AJ Taylor shared the hilarious video to Facebook expressing an apology too.

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