Teen accused of setting fire that killed brother cries, prays in court

Jacob Morgan is a noted child murderer who is presently jailed after setting fire to his fourteen-month-old sibling in March 2015.

What Has Happened to Jacob Morgan?

He was charged with third-degree arson, negligent murder, and adolescent neglect in 2016. He should spend the next fifteen years of his life in prison.

The convict was not freed after his second session on May 18, 2022. Jacob Matt Morgan has been imprisoned since March 2015, charged with the murder of his half-brother, Joshua Alexander Hill.

On October 26, 2021, he pled admission to murder after being charged as a teen murderer. Jacob was just 17 years old when he set fire to his residence in 2015, killing his fourteen-month-old brother. As a result, he has been charged with promoting separatism, harming minors, and third-degree arson.

Updates on Jacob Morgan’s Parole: 

According to the courthouse record, he ignited two fires inside the home, one to the left of the new kid and one to the left of the dwelling, but Morgan has not stated how the flames originated.

He said he flung a pillow by accident, but then reported he lit a cushion on fire and hurled it into the atmosphere. Authorities suspect the fire started in the lounge and main bedroom, where the infant was sleeping.

At that point, he would have served half of the term. A South Carolina Parole Board panel unanimously denied Jacob’s parole application during a videoconference session. In Columbia, a meeting of something resembling a parole board was held.


On May 18, a South Carolina juvenile killer was refused parole after spent seven years in jail for only a catastrophic Rock Hill fire that killed his younger brother. Despite this rejection, Jacob Matthew Morgan looks to be on the approach of being freed from jail in December, as per state laws.

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