Teen Daughter Calls Dad A “Creepy Pervert” For His Comments On Her Running Clothes And Asks ‘AITA’

Source: Reddit

I (19f) picked up running as a new hobby and was going for a run outside today. It’s hot where I live (Southern California).

My dad saw my running clothes (a running sports bra and nike shorts) and made rude comments about it like how it’s so revealing and that you can see my cleavage and inner thighs in it. He insisted I change out of it.

I called him a creepy pervert for making these comments about my body when I’m literally just in standard exercise clothes (and btw men go on runs shirtless all the time!). He got really upset and is now not talking to me or making eye contact with me. I asked him what his deal is and he said i was extremely offensive and unfair to him and that he’d never thought I’d call him something like that.

So now I feel bad but I don’t feel like I was wrong to say what I was feeling at the time? Am I A Jerk? Do I owe him an apology?

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