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Teen Girl Finds Dad Sitting In Odd Spot, Instantly Snaps Photo When She Realizes Why

A photograph of a gentleman, Jon Newman, has gone viral who is keeping his spouse company as she undertook seclusion through cancer radiation procedure.

Marci Newman was of late detected with thyroid cancer and has been experiencing radiation treatments that required her to continue in isolation.

But her partner didn’t let that halt him from being there for her.

Joe and Marci’s 17-year-old daughter, Mackenna, one day came home from school and saw a heart-warming scene. Mackenna saw her dad sitting on a chair that was located just outside of her mom’s chamber. The door of her mom’s chamber was to some extent open.

The young girl took a photograph of her dad keeping her mom’s company and posted on social media.

The photograph swiftly went viral, getting more than 71,000 retweets and more than 172,000 likes. Numerous netizens offered words of care to Mackenna and her family.

Mackenna said she respected all the love and care she and her family come across on social media. Her mother added that this actual motion by her partner was a special one.

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