Mom asks if she’s wrong for getting little girl’s summer ‘business’ shut down.

Source: Reddit

There’s been a girl and her mom selling things outside of the neighborhood pool. I say that loosely, though; it’s mostly the mom, while the kid goes in and swims, unattended. It’s against the rules to have a kid under 15 in the pool unattended.

On top of that, she’s rude. I was trying to take my kids in yesterday and the girl starts yelling at me from the pool to buy them popsicles, and I said no. So the mom immediately yelled at ME, saying it was wrong not to support a little girl’s “business”.

They did this to everyone and asked me more than once, the mom even told the little girl to tell MY kids to ask and beg for popsicles or lemonade. So I went ahead and called the owners of the neighborhood pool and reported them.

I stayed in with my kids and watched them escort the mom and little girl away from the pool while the mom yelled about how she knew I was the one that reported them and I was cruel and cold-hearted.

She shouldn’t have been harassing people just trying to swim. But a couple of my friends think I should have just let it go. Did I go too far here?

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