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Queen’s silk headscarves were draped over her favourite pony in poignant funeral tribute.

As the Queen’s final Stud Groom walked out to greet the queen for the last time at Windsor yesterday, she lovingly wrapped one of her headscarves on her favorite mare Emma.

As the Queen’s body arrived at Windsor Castle yesterday, Emma, a black pony, was observed by the side of the road, escorted by Terry Pendry, who has worked in the Queen’s household for the past 25 years.

One of the Queen’s flowered headscarves was draped across the pony’s saddle, an item in which the late queen was frequently photographed whether riding, traveling, or attending the races.

However, viewers took note of the pony’s apparent ‘slight bow’ to the Queen, with one writing: ‘Did the Queen’s pony Emma just courtesy as the Queen passed by?!’

The headscarf has long been a mainstay of the royal costume, with the Queen wearing one for decades.

The Queen was frequently seen wearing a silk scarf wound over her head, especially while she was off duty in Sandringham, Norfolk.

The Queen was known to favor French brand Hermes scarves, which begin at £175 for a headscarf.

She acquired a collection of silk patterns over the years that would be the envy of any globe-trotting fashionista.

She was said to own a collection of their classic items as well as some personalized alternatives.

Her collection has graphic 1960s patterns, paisley prints, conventional florals, and even a dog-patterned number in honor of her pets.

The headscarf not only adds individuality to any costume, but it also provides a functional purpose by shielding the Queen’s neatly coiffed hair from the wind, rain, and snow.

Emma, the Monarch’s favourite fall pony, and Terry Pendry were spotted waiting at the side of the cortege as the Monarch’s body arrived in Windsor.

Terry bowed as the funeral went by, Emma by his side during the emotional scene.

The Royal groom stated in 2020 that Emma “has been a superb servant to Her Majesty and is still going strong at the age of 24.”

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