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King Charles Alleged ‘Love Child’ Discloses Intentions To Meet With Prince Harry.

The Australian man who asserts to be King Charles and Queen Camilla’s secret love child has prepared a “huge embrace” for fellow royal “black sheep” Prince Harry.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day adds that his children’s resemblance to the Windsors is a daily reminder of the Queen and the tragedy of her loss.

Mr Dorante-Day, 56, claimed that as the son who was rejected by Charles from birth, he and Harry had a “much to speak about.”

They are both the royal family’s black sheep, so he would say they share that kinship, Dorante-Day expressed.

And he felt Harry would be sympathetic to his  situation. If he met them, the first thing he’d do is give them a big embrace. He believes they need one, to be honest.

A lot of the criticism they’re getting is obviously unwarranted. When Harry was informed he couldn’t wear his military uniform to his grandmother’s burial, it enraged him.

Mr Dorante-Day, an engineer from Queensland, believes his Indigenous wife Elvianna would have a lot of similarities with Meghan Markle.

Mr Dorante-Day lashed out at criticism of Harry’s demeanor, saying, the possibility for all of them to discuss one-on-one would be quite… instructive.

It’s very pitiful. It irritates him overall, let alone the fact that he may be his half brother, Mr Dorante-Day added.

He gets where Harry is coming from when he says he appeared uneasy and jumpy. I can see he’s concerned about someone assaulting Meghan and saying something that makes her respond.

His wife is the same way, so he understands. His advice to Harry is to let her go and let Meghan say anything she wants.

Individuals have been racist and insensitive to Meghan; she should repay them without looking down on them.

He married a black woman. They claim there is no race problem, yet there is. People are so illiterate.

Mr Dorante-Day was born on April 5, 1966, in Portsmouth, UK, and was adopted at the age of eight months before his family relocated to Australia.

Mr Dorante-Day alleges that both of his adopted grandparents served for the Queen and Prince Philip, and that his adoptive grandmother informed him he was the son of Charles and Camilla.

Mr Dorante-Day claims King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla started their close connection in 1965, a year before he was born, according to his birth certificate.

He believes that Queen Consort Camilla was missing from British social life and that King Charles was transported to Australia nine months before his birth.

Mr Dorante has regularly juxtaposed photographs of himself and family members with those of the Windsors to demonstrate the connection.

He claimed to see Queen Elizabeth everytime he gazed at his son Liam or daughter Meriam.

Inconsistencies on his birth certificate and name, according to Mr Dorante-Day, imply he is of royal ancestry.

However, his sequence of events opposes official records, which state that the new King and Camilla met five years after Mr Dorante-Day’s birth.

According to Mr Dorante-research, Day’s Charles and Camilla initially grew close in 1965, when they met at Winston Churchill’s funeral in January of that year.

Charles and Camilla, on the other hand, are commonly said to have met at a polo match in Windsor Great Park in 1970. She married Charles in 2005, ten years after her divorce from Andrew Parker Bowles.

Mr Dorante-Day has long expressed his wish for the royals to submit to a DNA test to confirm his genetic connection, and he has sought legal counsel to back up his allegations.

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