Teen Is Ditched By Jerk Friends On Prom Night But Days Later Mom Helps Him Get The Last Laugh

John Richards, a radio DJ from Seattle received a sensitive message in May 2017, from a Chicago based mother, Sheila Loop.  

Sheila described how her teen son Jackson continuously felt like an outsider. It wasn’t till high school that he lastly found a relationship amid the group of students.

Jackson was so eager to go to prom with his elder friends from group and he was so thrilled that he bought a custom-tailored outfit for a photoshoot.

Jackson got a text just a few hours earlier of prom saying the pre-prom pictures were cancelled. In spite of this, his friends said that they go straight to the dance. Nobody ever turns up to pick him up as hours gone by and even his friends stopped replying to his calls and messages.

When the teen understood that he’d been abandoned by his alleged friends, his mother and the entire family observed him all but collapse in the kitchen.

A surprise came few days later that no expected and Sheila was more than pleased to be the part of it.

Sheila wrote a letter to John and the letter was concerning her son Jackson. Besides the letter, she also had a song appeal for John – “All My Friends”. John would soon come to know why this exact song was so expressive for Sheila and her lad.

Sheila explained that Prom was a mostly significant night for Jackson since he had regularly felt like an outsider at school.

Sheila observed her kind-hearted lad most of his teenage years scuffle to fit in with his friends. When high school came, Sheila was confident that he’d lastly find acceptance and relationship amongst the group children.

But when Jackson friends did not show up to pick him up, he sat there at home all alone. Sheila said that she has never felt so much pain in her parenting so far. It was mixed with a tremendous amount of anger.

Sheila got a text message a few days later, from a girl called Sophie. She was in Jackson’s band class, but a junior. The juniors in the group caught about Jackson’s abandoned prom night.

Sophie requested Sheila to clandestinely place Jackson’s prom suit in his car. She then said Sheila that Jackson was asked to come over a friend’s house that next Monday, which was Memorial Day.

Jackson supposed it was just an unplanned meeting and was happy to accommodate. When he reached at that Memorial Day, he saw a group of juniors from his band class robed in their formalwear.

Juniors told Jackson to look in his trunk where he surprisingly found his suit. The juniors spent the entire day posing for “do-over” prom snaps and eating a fake prom cake.

John, the radio DJ, was so moved by Sheila’s story that he shared it to Twitter where it went viral.

Writer Sabrina Rojas Weiss in an article says that Jackson’s prom experience has skilled him so much about relationship.

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