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Woman Mistakes Husky Dog For Wolf, Slaughters It, Then Brags About It On The Internet

A Montana lady murdered a Siberian husky in the woods by mistake.

Amber Rose, the lady, shared pictures of the dog on Facebook, claiming it a “wolf pup.” However, social media users quickly pointed out that it was not a wild animal, but rather a domesticated dog.

Rose hunted, shot, and skinned the animal before sharing the gory photos. She may be seen happily showing off its remnants in Facebook images.

So this morning she headed out on a single predator hunt for an autumn black bear, but she had the chance to kill another predator wolf pup 2022, and it was a nice feeling to text her partner and tell she just smoked a wolf pup.” “#firstwolf #onelesspredatorMT, Rose captioned the photos. She’s happy and holding the animal carcass and her weapon in them.

The social media response was swift, as fans couldn’t resist but note that the animal she murdered was a domesticated dog, not a wild animal.

“Amber Rose here hunted, shot, and skinned a HUSKY.. not a wolf, an evident #HUSKY,” one enraged Twitter user said.

Certain social media users have asked for her hunting license to be canceled, while others believe she should be jailed or dismissed from her work. It also bothers me that she believes it’s alright to hunt young animals, which, as you know, is not healthy for an area’s ecosystem #revokeherlicense,” one user remarked.

The fury was not restricted to Facebook or Twitter; the community is clearly incensed as well. According to a statement issued by the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, somebody claimed “many husky and shepherd mix dogs” in the Doris Creek region of the Flathead National Forest. One of the dogs “may have been shot,” they said.

In a subsequent post, the hunter accepted her error, yet claims she shot the animal in self-defense. She got her wolf tag previous to departing for a bear hunt in the event she ran into a wolf in which she came to an experience with what she believed was a hybrid at this time her safety was first priority this animal was growling howling and rushing at her like it was going to devour her, she posted on Facebook.

Yes, she made a mistake since she thought it was a hybrid wolf pup, she said, adding that she had no idea many canines had been dropped 11 miles into the forest.

An inquiry into the animal’s death is currently underway.

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