Teen Left Paralysed After She Was Kidnapped By Boyfriend, Mother Demands Sentence To Be Doubled.

A Broken-hearted mom discloses the reality of life for her daughter Angel Lynn, now 20. Angel, who was left paralysed after her boyfriend abducted her and she fell out of van. Now she demands for his seven-year punishment to be doubled over.

Angel Lynn was left paralysed and unable to communicate after she was snatched aged 19 off the street in Rothley, Leicestershire after an argument with her then-boyfriend Chay Bowskill, 20.

Angel, from Loughborough, fell out of the vehicle while it was travelling at around 60mph. She suffered severe head and brain injuries and can’t walk, talk or feed herself. Instead of being at home with her family, she now has to live in 24-hour specialist care in a rehabilitation centre.

Bowskill and his companion received jail terms of seven-and-a-half years and 21 months separately. Now Angel’s mother is calling for their punishments to be doubled. She said that she is disgusted with the punishments and seeing her daughter like this kills her every day.

Angel’s mother told that she was really bubbly and she loved going out for meals with her friends. She always looked nice and used to take pride in herself. Her mother is scared that her daughter’s life is no more the same and she is not going to get her same old cheerful daughter back. That accident has changed everything thereafter.

Both sentences are being probed if they were ‘unduly lenient’ by Attorney General.

At trial, Angel’s best friend told the court how her outgoing and bubbly nature altered and she became a not the same person after beginning her year-long relationship with Bowskill. Bowskill did not allowed Angel to go out and meet her best friend and she was being controlled.

Judges were also shown disgusting CCTV footage of Bowskill chasing Angel across a road after she walked off during a fight. The harrowing video shows Bowskill grasping Angel from behind and carrying her back across the road before pushing her into a van. Angel then fell out of the vehicle, which was driven by Bowskill companion before she was found by shocked members of the public.

The kidnap happened when Angel was lawfully driving the van and she picked up Bowskill and Sansome. Later on, she tried to walk off after getting into an argument with her boyfriend.

Paramedics show up the scene and Angel was taken to hospital but regardless of intensive medical intervention, she remains in hospital with life-changing injuries.

The court heard that minutes before she walked off and Bowskill admitted telling Angel he that hated her and certainly not wanted to see her again.

Detectives uncovered the footage of Angel being forced into the van before it was driven away. Bowskill and his companion were later arrested. Bowskill was also convicted of coercive and controlling behaviour and perverting the course of justice.

Bowskill was cleared of causing grievous bodily harm after it became unclear how Angel had left the van.The defence claimed that Angel jumped or accidentally fell on to the road, while the prosecution failed to prove that she was pushed or thrown. 

Bowskill was told by the Judge that he treated Angel in an awful way and he controlled her liberty of movement by several of means.

Regarding distorting the court of justice, the judge told Bowskill that he was uncaringly possessed with his own predicament and made frantic efforts to get his mother to withdraw her police statement. Judge further said that Bowskill’s mother comes out of this with no credit and it was shameful conduct with her giving untruthful evidence in court about Angel and the police. 

Because of the extent of her injuries, Angel now faces constant medical treatment and round the clock cares. Her family remain devastated by what has happened.  

It is clear that no verdict or subsequent sentence can make up for the quality of life that angel has lost.

Let all of us hope that in time her family can find some comfort knowing justice has been done.

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