This Police Officer Dad Accidentally Spilled A Gallon Of Milk All Over His Driveway. But What His Neighbor’s Daughter Did Next Is Priceless.

A police officer dad did his errands throughout the day before he had to do his week on duty. He had a whole bunch of stuff going on but needed some milk for a protein shake. He ended up busting the gallon he bought, then this happened. (Thanks Linda for submitting this to our page).

I woke up this morning and hit the ground running, trying to finish up all my errands before I start the work week tomorrow. I skipped breakfast, got the pup out, made it to the gym and took care of a few other things. By 2:45 this afternoon I was finally headed home and realized that I had not eaten all day. I planned on mixing a protein shake when I got home and calling it good.

I realized I didn’t have milk at home though, so I swung by the store. After accidentally buying $100 worth of groceries, and a gallon of milk I made it home. Kona was in the backseat and the school across the street was getting out, so l wanted to make sure she didn’t run up to any kids to say hi.

As I opened the back door of my truck, the gallon of milk fell out and splattered all over my drive way.. the one thing I needed, and the one thing I had gone to the store for of course would be the one thing that breaks and spills. I cleaned up the mess and about 30 minutes later, a young girl, with a gallon of milk in her arms rang my doorbell.

Her dad was picking her up from school and they saw my milk accident. She said it was a very small token of appreciation for all we do as police officers and all we do as a department. Her dad simply wanted to say thank you for our service and dedication. I never knew a gallon of milk would be what made my day, but it certainly did today. A much needed reminder of the great people we have in this city, and why we do this job! Proud to serve this community!

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