Rude Young Man Tells Lady To “Shut Her Baby Up” And Then His Father Steps In.

It is not too difficult to guess that how hard it can be to please a baby. Those who are yet to embrace parenthood can never actually fully realise the difficulty of this. Perhaps it is the most frustrating moment when the little ones start crying in public places and to be realistic, it is not only strangers but also parents themselves feel unpleasant when hearing the baby’s yell.

Babies cannot talk thus far, so parents cannot ask them to know why they’re so troubled. So, there’s nothing much can be done about it. Generally other people recognise this fact and although they feel irritated but then they try to keep cool and let parents handle their babies.

On the other hand, some young guys seem do not realise and abruptly complain about parents and their crying babies.

A similar incident happened to new mom Lucy Hatami when she took her 8-month-old son to an eatery for breakfast. Her baby eventually started crying at the table and unavoidably bothered other customers. But what happened after that was made Lucy surprised.

Lucy didn’t even get a chance to answer back. The baby’s dad stood up and took action instantly to shut him down from being a jerk. The father’s reply warmed the heart of not only Lucy but also thousands of other parents.

This shows how imperative it is to have fellow feeling for others. We may feel irritated by a crying baby but think of that it’s us who were once that crying baby.

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