Shocking Footage Shows Teen Mom Tossing Newborn Into Dumpster In New Mexico.

Surveillance video taken outside a New Mexico store shows the moments a teen mom tossed her unwanted new-born baby into a dumpster and the rescuers who pulled her to safety five hours later.

Alexis Avila, 18, was seen arriving at the dumpster on North Thorp Street in Hobbs at about 2 p.m. and pulling a black trash bag out of her car and tossing it into the container.

Close to six hours later, the cameras show a group of people fishing through the dumpster and pulling the baby out. They had heard the baby crying inside.

The man who found the child told to the police that he, his girlfriend and another friend were hunting in the dumpsters for anything of value when they thought they heard crying coming from one of the bags. He eventually found the baby with the umbilical cord still attached and identified the infant as a boy. He then immediately informed the police. 

Officers rendered aid on arrival to the new-born child and the baby was transported to a local hospital. The child was subsequently transported to another hospital for further paediatric treatment. The baby was registered in stable condition in the hospital.

Police said they were able to recover investigation recording of the incident and later traced Avila’s vehicle.

Police went to Avila’s home and were received by her parents. Avila’s parents told to the police that she had been sick with stomach pains for the past week and having rest at home. Later on, her vehicle was detained and she agreed to meet with officers at the police station.

Avila told police she had been in stomach pain and even visited a doctor who broke the news of her pregnancy to her. She said that she surprisingly gave birth in the bathroom of her home. She got frightened and cut the umbilical cord before wrapping the baby in a towel and put it in the trash bag and started driving around to dispose the bag.

Police confirmed that Avila has confessed to throwing the new-born into the dumpster.

It was mentioned in Avila’s charging documents that when she was asked what she thought would eventually happen to the baby by placing him inside of a plastic bag and dumping him. Avila remained silent and could not answer. Police said that her silence indicates that she was well aware that the baby would have died as a result.  

Avila’s mother refused having any past awareness of her daughter’s pregnancy and said she only observed that her daughter had of late gained weight but did not think anything of it otherwise.

Avila said that she was sure the father of the baby was her ex-boyfriend whom she had dated for about a year and a half before the connection broken. Avila’s mother told police that his ex-boyfriend was no longer allowed at their home after he supposedly hit Avila sometime back.  

Avila has been accused with attempted murder and was expected to be accused by the court.

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