24-Yr-Old Woman With “Biggest Lips” In The World Has Spent $5,000 On Fillers & Still Wants To Go Bigger.

Andrea Ivanova from Bulgarian has an obsession with the size of her lips and she wants to have the biggest lips in the world. 

Andrea is reportedly further enhancing her pout by having her lips injected for the 27th time as she has continued with her expensive, risky, and controversial interventions. She said that she hopes the injections will help her look more like a Brats doll.  

So far, Andrea has spent close to $ 5000 on the enlargement of her lips. She said that she now like them a lot and feel much better but she has not had enough as yet. She wants the biggest lips in the world although doctors advise against further injections.

Andrea said that many men from all over the world would write to her on her social media networks offering her money, trips and inviting her to meetings all the time. Several of her followers also claim that no one has bigger lips than her.

She calls her lips as beautiful and believes that more interventions are waiting. Some doctors think she has had sufficient but her own doctor is ready to do more injections for her if she can wait for at least two more months.

In connection with the lip enlargements, Andrea now has to make some sacrifices. Though she likes her lips a lot but it was hard to eat after the injection. However, there are no restrictions on what she can eat.

But while Ivanova has a set of followers who just love his lips but at the same time, she is also exposed to outbreaks from cruel trolls. But she pays zero attention to those trolls. She considers that it is her body and therefore she can take judgments of her own. She very strongly believes that everyone should look whichever they want to look like. 

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