Couple Who Receives Poor Service Leaves Dumbfounding Tip For Their Waiter.

People have pretty bad outlooks when they go out to eat and it always says more about them than it does about a restaurant or attendant. But this couple’s reaction told us all we need to know.

It was a wedding anniversary occasion for the couple Makenzie and Steven Shultz from Iowa. The couple ventured out for a romantic dinner to a restaurant but they were pretty dissatisfied with the restaurant and the service. It wasn’t just the idealistic date they had intended for.

The couple said that the service at the restaurant was terrible and it took more than 20 minutes to get a glass of water. Their response to the disastrous dinner went viral for all the right causes.

In return to the bad service, not only did they left their attendant a huge tip but they wrote a caring note on the receipt too.

Makenzie and Steven Shultz took the incident on Facebook.

They wrote that the service was pretty awful.  It took 20 minutes to get a glass of water, about 40 minutes for a starter and over an hour for our entree. People all around them were making fun of the restaurant & how bad the service was.

But the couple knew precisely what was going on and it was certainly not about the restaurant. The couple said that the issue was not with the waiter but it was rather being short staffed. The waiter was running crazy and still never acted annoyed with any table. They realised that at one point of time, the waiter had 12 tables plus the bar to cater and it was beyond a single person could handle.

As a result, regardless of the slow service, the couple felt empathy for the waiter who was in a difficult situation but trying his best.

Mrs. Shultz said that she actually met her husband while waiting for the tables at the same place and they both know what it is like to be a waiter at a restaurant.

As they sat there and saw the waiter run back and forth and apologize for the wait, that remind the couple their old days when they were in the same situation. Mrs. Shultz said that she never loved that job but did it for the tips rather.

The waiter would probably be getting minimal to no tips due to slow service but the couple agreed to make the day for him. Their total bill was $66.65 and they left $ 100 as a generous tip for the busy waiter.

The couple left the place before the waiter saw the tip as they feel no reason to wait around to be acknowledged. They left a touching note along with the tip, which reads “We’ve both been in your shoes. Paying it forward”.

Mrs. Shultz posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook but obviously not to take the limelight. She settled it and said that she is just sharing this as a pleasant reminder to think of the whole circumstances before we judge someone and always think of where we have come from.

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