Parents Question When 8+ Cops Show Up To Kids Baseball Game Until They Read “Pray” Sign.

In our day today life, we have seen that thousands of law enforcement officers through the country work hard to keep us protected. It’s an extremely challenging profession that needs a lot of commitment and sacrifice. State troopers are the first line of defence against crime and they be worthy of all the support we can offer.

Family and colleagues of Juan Rojas, a Texas state trooper came together to support him on the road to recovery after he was injured in the line of duty.

Juan was gunshot while pursuing a murder suspect in Bryan. According to the Highway Patrol office, Juan was shot by Larry Bollin who killed one person and hurt six others in the course of a shootout at the Bryan cabinet plant.

Juan was rushed to the St. Joseph’s Health Center in Bryan and then flown to Austin for treatment. His condition was stabilized and he left the hospital the following week.

Though the motive remains unclear but the suspect was taken into custody and charged with murder. The victims were his colleagues and four of whom were in life-threatening situation in the instant outcome of the gunfire

Luckily, Juan was able to make a swift recovery and this was possible because of the care of the medical staff at Bryan Health Center and Austin hospital where he undertook medical treatment.

Class A-2021 Salute to Trooper Tovar

Last week, Trooper Tovar was shot while pursuing a suspect in the mass shooting that took place in Bryan, Texas. This week, he was flown to Austin to receive additional medical treatment. When he arrived, he was greeted by Class A-2021 Trooper Trainees who saluted Trooper Tovar for his bravery and as a show of respect before he was taken to a nearby hospital. Trooper Tovar continues his road to recovery, and we want to thank the community for their support.

Posted by Texas Department of Public Safety on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

It was a big surprise for Juan when arrived at Austin for his medical treatment. He was welcomed by Class A-2021 Trooper Trainees who greeted him for his bravery. The touching image of Juan’s welcome was posted on the Facebook page and it turn into a prompt hit and gathered over a thousand likes and several others commented to offer their support to Jaun.  

Juan’s condition prevented him from joining his son’s baseball game.  Inspired by love and admiration for their injured team-mate, a group of state troops went to his son’s baseball game and posted heart-warming photos of the event on their Twitter.

The pictures display that troopers lined up along the boundary next to the note ‘Pray for Tovar’ made of disposable cups.  

Thanks to the support he’s getting from all over, Juan is making a speedy recovery.

It’s heart-warming to see the whole community come together in a touching show of support for an injured trooper. And because of the support, Juan is making a speedy recovery.

Let us show our appreciation towards the hard work of Juan and other troopers who put their lives on the line every day in order to make us safe.

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