Woman Lives With Bullet In Her Brain After Being Shot By Her Baby’s Father.

At the point when we trust somebody, we really believe in them, in their genuineness and trustworthiness. We accept that they will do the things they say they will, and perceive their capacities and assets. Although trust is a delicate concept, it is the bedrock upon which all relationships are constructed. Here in this story a woman trusted her man and never expected to experience a horrid tragedy.

After surviving a gunshot to the head, a young mother is defying the odds. Melody Megginson, the woman, now lives with the bullet still stuck in her brain.

Melody was shot by her child’s dad, John Nealy III, who left her for dead. She says they met on the road when he asked her for directions. Melody was at that point the mother to a kid . A romance grew swiftly — too soon, she now claims.

Melody became pregnant, and at the endof the pregnancy, her baby’s father moved in with her. A few days later, she gave birth to their son. However at that point things took an awful turn. Following an evening of drinking, John ordered her to get into his truck. He shot her, then, at that point, unloaded her in his dad’s driveway.

Melody had no idea when she met her child’s dad, yet he was really on house capture for a capital homicide accusation. However, Melody claims that by seeming professional, he convinced her that he was a sophisticated businessman. It wasn’t long after he moved in with her that his conduct started to change. She says he became incredibly dictatorial and began violently placing his hands on her in a rough way. 

Melody started to believe that he was out to hurt her. She says alarms went off when “out of the blue” he wanted to go on a date. When he invited her to join him on a trip, she assumed he was preparing to shoot her in the forest.

Melody was wanting to leave her child’s dad when he abducted her and shot her in the head. Melody was in a coma for two months before waking up. She claims when she woke up, she had no clue that it was her child’s dad who shot her.

Melody’s right half of her face is paralysed, and she is deaf in the same ear. She has a catastrophic brain injury, a plate in her skull, and a weight in her eyelid that allows her to cover her eye completely while sleeping.

Watch the video and share the story to bring awareness on not trusting anyone so soon. Please if you are not happy with your partner it’s better to get separated rather than using any source of violence.

I Hope the mom and her children deserve all the happiness in the world.

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