We Are Adopting Twins – But We Don’t Want To Use The Biological Mum’s Names.

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Source: Reddit

I (F25) and my husband H (M29) are in the process of adopting two cute little twins that will be born in January. The biological mother is a young teenage girl G (F15) who doesn’t want to keep them. She’s the daughter of a friend of a friend of ours and somehow it got through that we wanted to adopt so her family called us as soon as they knew that G was pregnant. We’ve been with her all her pregnancy and even if she doesn’t want to be a mother, she will still be able to visit the twins as often as she wants because we live in the same city.

As soon as we found out about the baby, we began looking for names and when it was confirmed that it was going to be twins, a girl and a boy, we decided on the names Ellie and Evan.

Last week however, we were informed that G had chosen names herself: Walter and Agnes. She didn’t choose them because of a relative, just because she thought they sounded cool. I don’t think I have to mention how outdated the names are and H and I simply don’t like them.

But even if the names were great, they are still our babies. We will raise them. G said she never wants to visit them (although she will probably change her mind). We insist on naming them. They will also get our last name and legally be our children, which was decided and agreed on five months ago.

G’s family is upset with us for not accepting their REAL names and is threatening to look for new parents. Her sister told us that they are just bluffing and hoping for us to back off.

What advice would you give her?

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