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Teen’s having grad party when 18 of his late dad’s fellow officers show up.

When kids are young, they often look up to particular groups of adults. Athletes inspire some, while firemen, soldiers, and movie stars inspire others.

Police men were role models for one little youngster.

Micah Schieber is his name, and he is no longer that small child. He graduated from high school and planned to invite as many local officers as he could to his graduation celebration.

Micah’s motivations for inviting officers to his celebration were very personal. Micah has a special affection for the police since his dad was a cop.

Micah lost his father when he was just six years old. Micah’s father had collapsed during a marathon. He died of heart issues, leaving behind a wife and three children.

This was obviously exceedingly difficult on Micah, his brothers, and their mother.

In the video below, his mother speaks about the horrific occurrence and its impact on the family.

One of the most difficult aspects for her was seeing her kids cry, realizing there was nothing she could do to bring their father back.

Hundreds of police officers turned out for Micah’s father’s funeral. This had a profound effect on Micah that has lasted to the present day.

He told that inviting police officers to his graduation celebration was a way for him to feel as though his father was still there.

Although having sent out the invites, Micah had no clue how many officers, if any, would turn up.

To his amazement, eighteen cops drove up to his residence with their lights blazing and grins on their faces.

They formed a line on Micah’s driveway and took turns shaking his hand.

The adolescent also had a surprise for the authorities. He made party bags for each of them and distributed them. He also gave them a gift that he had manufactured in welding class.

Micah, his family, and all of the officers who attended the celebration were moved by the occasion.

Several of them had worked on the police force with Micah’s father and missed him just as much as the rest of his family did.

It may be difficult to lose someone you care about, but spending time with those who knew and loved them might help to ease the loss.

Hundreds of individuals were able to commemorate a person they loved and missed at Micah’s gathering.

If you’ve ever lost someone important to you, make every effort to commemorate them in the greatest manner possible.

That way, they will live on through you and the memories you share.

The cops appeared to Micah’s graduation celebration to remember his late father, as shown in the video below. It’s quite emotional!

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