Terminally Ill Little Girl Who Loves Dogs Gets A Visit From K-9 Officers From Nearly 40 Departments.

Emma Mertens is a lot like any other rambunctious 7-year-old girl, especially when it comes to loving dogs. But there’s a big difference between Emma and practically every other child that age. Emma has a tumor in the middle of her brainstem. In less than 10 percent of children diagnosed with that will die within 2 years of the diagnosis. And, yes, it sure can be an awful cruel world.

But her family wants to keep her spirits up, so they asked people to send Emma pictures of their dogs. And at one point she had more than 75,000 letters and photos sent from people all over the globe. They were greatly appreciated, but at the same time, it was all a little overwhelming.

So now they’re ask that people post their dog pictures to a Facebook page set up for Emma.

When the local police found out about Emma, they decided to pay her a visit. They brought with them all of their K-9 friends, which amounted to about 40 in all.

And Emma, her parents and her friends loved it.

And the police left Emma and her friends each a plush K-9 dog doll. 

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