Woman Gets Text From Friend To Go Online, Realizes Viral Photo Of Boy Standing Alone At Flagpole Is Her Son.

Stacey Philpot is a blogger in Minneola, Florida, spending countless hours on the Internet. But one day, she decided to step away from it for awhile… it was just getting too toxic for her.

But it wasn’t long after that that she got a text message from a friend, letting her know that her teenage son was all over the internet doing something at school and trying to get other kids to do it, but they wouldn’t. Well, Stacey couldn’t even imagine what kind of bad behavior her son Hayden was doing at school.

When she found it on the internet, she was shocked. Hayden was taking part in the annual See You at the Flagpole day, which was a global event. It encouraged youth to gather around their school’s flagpole to pray for family, friends and their community. But Hayden was the only one at the flagpole; no one else would join him there. And the comments about it on the Internet were plenty, all expressing great positivity. And mom Stacey could not have been any prouder.

Although her son stood alone, there seemed to be a higher power getting the message through to so many others, like millions. Which just goes to prove that when you sometimes feel your standing all alone, you’re really not alone at all. 

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