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Texas Mom Hopes for a Baby after Painful Miscarriage, Gets Blessed with Quadruplets Instead

Many couples want to start a family while they are still young. They begin developing their family shortly after getting married so that they do not have to care for their children later in life.

Week 30 – George T. Baylor and I are driving Gabriela Cristal @gaby_joslin to the Medical Center for the quadruplets…

Posted by Cristal Montañez on Thursday, May 26, 2022

The couple in today’s story had similar intentions, however destiny had other plans for them. While they assumed one kid would be enough to complete their family, the ultrasound technician revealed a life-changing revelation to them.

Gaby and Patrick Hagler’s lives were nothing short of a wild trip. Their journey began in 2018, when they met and married. Gaby had a daughter named Kalleigh with her ex-husband at the time, and Patrick had a son named Paxton from his previous marriage.

Soon after marrying, the Texas couple welcomed their son, Sammy, who is now almost three years old. Gaby and Patrick chose to add another kid to their family after already having three. Gaby stated after that, they were going to be done as she was turning 40 in March and he’s turning 50 this month, and they thought having four kids would be fantastic.

Gaby miscarried shortly after becoming pregnant with Sammy. They did not, though, give up and attempted to have another child. Gaby and Patrick hoped to expand their family with another baby, but destiny had other plans.

Gaby was overjoyed when she noticed two lines after conducting a strip test. She went to the hospital to check her positive pregnancy test findings, and the doctors told her she’d be a mother soon.

When Gaby and Patrick went for an ultrasound at 12 weeks, they got the biggest shock of their life. The technician inserted the gadget onto Gaby’s baby bump after applying the ultrasound gel on her tummy. The technician began counting a few seconds later.

“Are you counting limbs? What is the point of this? “Gaby, concerned, inquired. She was perplexed as to why the ultrasound technician was smiling at the screen. Gaby questioned the technician what was going on when she remarked, “there’s four,” and she replied that ‘there are four infants. Did you know you’re expecting four children?’

Gaby and Patrick were taken aback when they discovered they were expecting three additional children. They had never expected to have quadruplets at this point in their life. They were careful for the following four months when the physicians informed them that the pregnancy was high-risk.

Patrick and Gaby went for the ultrasound on January 21, 2022, and the next three weeks were difficult. Firstly, they needed to secure insurance for their three other unidentified children. Gaby then had to go through a medical treatment to avoid a miscarriage. Gaby remembered the end of January and the beginning of February were crazy.

Unlike typical quadruplets, Gaby’s babies waited a month longer to arrive and were delivered at 34 weeks. Patrick and Gaby gave birth to their quadruplets on June 22, 2022.

Gaby and Patrick had no idea what life had in store for them when they decided to conceive a kid. They named their sons Adam, Bennett, Coby, and Dane in alphabetical order (A, B, C, D). Gaby and her twins were released from the hospital after three weeks.

Traveling from Texas Medical Center to their Katy home was difficult since their car could only carry two kids at a time. Every time they went to the hospital, they made two appointments, one for each pair of boys.

Gaby’s godmother, Barbara Garaygordobil, set up a GoFundMe campaign to help the family buy a van that could carry at least five car seats and a quad stroller. They quickly raised over $20,000 through the fundraising and purchased a Ford vehicle.

Gaby had no idea she’d be parenting four infants at the same time when she found out she was expecting quadruplets. Gaby’s eldest kid, Kalleigh, battled at first to adjust to her new siblings, but she eventually became the one who assisted her mom handle everything.

Gaby’s toughest issue was feeding her quadruplets as they were all hungry at the same time. Gaby manages to pump enough milk ahead of time with Kalleigh’s help so that all of her infants may drink it at the same time. Gaby stated, this necessitates a very strict pumping schedule. It’s an absurd amount of milk and honestly it’s exhausting.

It’s still a mystery to them, but it’s fantastic. It’s amazing, she continued. Gaby and Patrick were overjoyed to have four children rather than one, and they believed their family of nine was complete.

Tell your friends and family about Gaby and Patrick’s remarkable parental experience by sharing this story. Their fascinating narrative shows us that life does not always go according to plan.

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