Family Thinks Teen Is Brain-Dead, 4 Years Later She Wakes Up And Says ‘I Heard Everything’

Victoria Arlenis was born as a triplet with two brothers. She loved to dance as a youngster and was an exceptional athlete. She was a lively, vivacious young lady.

However, by the age of 11, Victoria had developed flu-like symptoms, fainting episodes, and pneumonia. Within two weeks, she was paralyzed from the waist down, and her talents began to deteriorate. Her family realized she was less interested since she had serious inflammation in her brain and spinal cord.

Things just got worse from there. Victoria lost her capacity to speak, eat, and move. She had gone into a coma.

Victoria was “trapped” inside her own body for over four years. Doctors informed her family that she was unlikely to recover. She was losing her daughter, her mother, Jacqueline, explained.

No one realized, though, that Victoria was conscious of her surroundings while lying in her hospital bed, unable to move or talk.

Victoria awakened from her vegetative condition paralyzed from the waist down in 2010.

Her extraordinary journey, however, was far from over.

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