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Woman Was Taken Off Life Support To Die – But Then A Miracle Occurs.

Mrs. Sheila Lewis (USA) awoke abruptly and requested for a drink of water after being in a coma for several weeks and being able to withdraw her breathing equipment to go quietly.

Nobody believes Sheila Lewis will be able to spend Christmas with her family. For several weeks, she was in a coma, and physicians said there was nothing they could do. Sheila, on the other hand, has made a full recovery as if she had never been sick.

Sheila began exhibiting strange symptoms in September. She doesn’t remember the date, says Sheila’s daughter, Brandy. Her mom stated that she feels her head wrapped with fog, Brandy’s brother Chasity Brandt remarked.

Sheila’s health deteriorated over time. She had forgotten the names of her kids, her grandchildren, and herself. The woman was unable to talk when she was brought to Fargo Hospital. Sheila must depend on equipment for aid in the critical care unit.

The female patient was taken to Mayo Hospital by Sheila’s relatives. This premier medical center in the United States’ physicians likewise gave up. They don’t know how to cope with it since they’ve never seen anything like it, Brandy explained.

Sheila went into a coma as a result of her family’s and the doctor’s incapacity to help her. She didn’t have any response for six weeks. The hospital advised Sheila’s family to consider turning off the ventilator so the female patient could rest. Brandy nodded in approval after a lengthy period of thought.

The medical staff disconnected Sheila’s life support equipment after parting kisses. Brandy prepared a funeral for her when she was brought home.

The magic happened at this precise moment. Sheila awoke unexpectedly after 12 days without food, drink, or oxygen support and stated, “Help mom with water.”

Sheila not only awoke from her coma, but she also gradually improved. Believe it or not, a Mayo Hospital executive volunteered to meet with Sheila and honor the female patient as a “miracle.”

Sheila’s health has now returned to normal. She walks and chats cheerfully. She is  glad for this second chance, Sheila stated. She always believes in God, and is confident He has many plans for her to keep up with.

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