Texas mom who pulled her child out of class MINUTES before shooting describes her guilt

Mia, a mom has publicized how she took her daughter to have lunch after Tuesday’s award function at Robb Elementary School just minutes before Texas killer Salvador Ramos murdered 19 children and 2 educators.

Mia, who requested for her surname name not to be used, said she is now wracked with guiltiness after her daughter Evalynn’s best pal was amongst that gunshot.

Mia said that there is lot of sorrow at the moment and her heart goes out to all of the grief-stricken families. She said that now they have 11 cremations to join. She added that she can’t eat and even couldn’t think because of the overwhelming amount of guiltiness that she has.

She said that she was able to take her daughter out, but what could’ve occurred if they were there just five minutes later? 

One of Evalynn’s fellow student, Miah Cerrillo, 11, refer to the frightening instant the shooter spurt in and how she smeared herself in her friend’s blood to fool him into trusting she was gunshot.

Miah said that her class was viewing the Disney flick Lilo and Stitch since it was the last day of the school year when her educator got an email that there was an active shooter. But the educator got the warning quite late and as she went to lock the entrance Ramos was by now there and gunshot through the gate window.

Miah said that Ramos then marched into the fourth grade schoolroom and saw one of the educators, either Eva Mireles or Irma Garcia, in the eye and told her goodnight just before killing her. 

The 11-year-old said Ramos then initiated opening gunshots on the schoolchildren, before he walked on the way to the attached classroom and continued gunfire. 

The student said she and her friend took her teachers handset to call 911 and out of terror that Ramos would come back to her schoolroom and shoot her she smeared the blood of one of her deceased fellow student onto her and acted dead. 

The 11-year-old’s kinfolk said they will be trying to help her emotionally and mentally following the shooting, as well as her sister who is a second-grader at the school.

The 10-year-old survivor was able to list numerous names of his friends who were murdered in the gunfire.   

Then the young boy said he is so shocked by the terrible incident that he does not want to come back to school, appallingly saying he is certain that further gunfire will occur another time. 

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