Texas motorist notices a cloud that resembles an angel.

How many times have you looked up and noticed a familiar shape in the sky? Perhaps the clouds represented the ocean, and sometimes they appeared as a dog. You can see cats, birds, and terrible monsters if you have a strong imagination.

Sometimes the sign you’re looking for isn’t the one you’re hoping to see. Danny Ferraro and his wife Carmen were travelling on Highway 105 west of Montgomery, Texas, when they observed something out of the ordinary in the sky.

The figure of an angel became clear when the sun rose and highlighted the clouds. Even the halo appeared to be in the appropriate place.

Danny instantly took a snapshot of the clouds and posted them on Facebook, where it awed many people. It was dubbed the Texas Angel by him.

They were dreading having to deal with further (family) difficulties on Monday evening. He instantly observed the cloud formation and the beautiful beams of light directly ahead of them as they headed west on Highway 105 in Montgomery, and he told Carmen, ‘Wow, look at that!’

They both noticed the angle and assumed that all would be OK. He seemed as though God was telling me, ‘I’m always with you.’ He is not sure how many other people saw it, but he is sure it meant something special to everybody who saw it.

It just lasted a few seconds, but he grabbed his phone and the first image he got was incredible, Danny explained.

Danny pondered whether this cloud formation was a sign.

The breathtaking photograph appeared to be God speaking to him and his wife, particularly because the pair is a Christian.

Yet regardless of what one believes, this snapshot illustrates that life is a gorgeous ride, and if we’re lucky enough, we can experience those wonderful angel rays on our faces like!

TEXAS ANGEL This was the sunset as we were driving down Hwy 105. How awesome is that!

Posted by Danny Ferraro on Monday, 30 July 2018

Awesome! What a lovely sight. I think that was a sign.

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