Texas Woman Shoots Home Invader, Police Was In Shock What They Found In His Car

In San Antonio, Texas, a mother shot and killed a suspected invader while his son was nearby. The man attempting to break in had brought a small youngster with him.

The homeowner was astonished when a man in his 30s attempted to break in via a window in her bedroom. The woman pulled out her revolver and fired twice at the intruder. He was struck once and subsequently died in the hospital.

When policemen came, the accused’s 7-year-old kid was seized.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus expressed that they are going to get him assistance.

The homeowner was not accused with the suspect’s murder.

Several readers voiced compassion for the youngster, but praised the homeowner for taking the measures to safeguard herself.

“The thieving b****** got exactly what he merited,” one Facebook reader said. “But I feel sorry for the tiny youngster. That lady saved herself from whatever that jerk would have done to her.”

“How sorry can you be to go on a crime spree with your 7-year-old child?” another wrote. “Sorry, Pos got exactly what he deserved, but that poor kid.”

“I’m glad the woman was able to defend herself,” said another. “Excellent work. Perhaps the youngster will have a better chance when he or she grows older.”

Other commenters saw the incident as evidence of a distinct environment of violence in the United States that appears to be worsening.

This is one of many explanations why America is on its way to extinction “one commentator said “Respect begins in the home. This is what happens when parents are unfit to raise proper kids. Parents that let the internet, Xbox, and Nintendo to teach morality rather than the Bible. America has never witnessed such levels of violence, absent parenting, desperation, helplessness, or an amazing out-of-control population! It will only get worse!

In a similar event just weeks before in San Antonio, a lady fired at an invader and was able to intimidate him away without injuring him.

Sgt. Michael Oliva stated that she fired through the window. She was probably attempting to frighten him. They investigated and found no indication that he had been shot.

The fleeing individual was characterised as a Hispanic male in his early twenties. He tried to enter the house through the back kitchen door.

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