Man grieving death of wife during childbirth says he has ‘four big reasons’ to stay strong

Anybody would be terrified by the possibility of having quadruplets. But imagine having to raise four children as a single parent. That’s what Carlos Morales experienced after his wife died after delivery. It’s a horribly impossible prospect, yet it’s part of Morales’ truth. Morales discovered the courage to continue in the face of such adversity.

On January 15, 2015, Carlos Jr., Tracy, and twins Erica and Paisley were born. Erica Morales, their mom, died eight hours later from hypovolemic shock.

Hypovolemic shock, as per the MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia, is an urgent situation in which extreme blood or fluid loss stops the heart from circulating sufficient blood to the body.

Morales got an abundance of affection and sympathy following the death of his wife. More than $486,000 was collected through GoFundMe, and talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey honoured him with a $10,000 college savings account supplied by Sallie Mae for every kid.

Morales was overwhelmed with emotion as the kids marked their first birthday a year after their birth. Morales said, crying it’s all extremely bittersweet. He is celebrating their birthday, yet he recently lost his wife, and they recently lost their mother.

Morales, a warehouse supervisor, was gathered by family and friends at a nearby playground, but he nonetheless made time for each of his unique kids to offer them adequate importance.

Morales, 30, remarked at the time that Erica would have adored this. It would have been a far larger celebration. She was a big fan of this type of stuff. She was excited about it.

Before the celebration began, his wife’s family and friends prepared a 30-minute tribute walk for her. Kids were told stories about his wife while pushing their strollers on the walk so they could “know how beautiful she was.”

Fortunately, Morales is constantly showered with help and affection. It enabled him to keep his spirits up, despite having little time to grieve.

He explained he is never alone. It’s hard to think it’s been a year. He only wishes Erica was here to witness them crawl and start walking. There will be so many more firsts for which she will not be present.

Morales and his kids are taking things one day at a time, he adds.

His mother-in-law has moved in with him to assist him and is responsible for the kids throughout the day while he works. He adds, he is simply thinking about life more now and how important it is to cherish every minute and moment, particularly with family and friends. He cherishes every minute with his children since life is so brief.

Morales fell in love with his wife the first time he saw her in a nightclub. He didn’t speak English, and she didn’t speak Spanish, he laughed. However, he invited her to dance, and she agreed. He gave her his phone number, which she promptly threw away, but they eventually reconnected and wedded in Las Vegas a year later.

He explained, how can he maintain his strength? He has four important factors. They had intended to do this for years. Due to her, he is a wonderful father. He can’t fail his beloved wife, Erica.

In the video below, you can learn more about Morales’ tale.

Carlos Morales shares how he found hope after tragedy while raising quadruplets on his own. Catch #PEOPLENow on demand:

Posted by People on Wednesday, 18 March 2015
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