Boy, who ‘died trying to save his mother’ hailed a hero by family

Jakub Szymanski, a 15-year-old boy who was killed while attempting to defend his mom during a ‘savage’ double stabbing, has been identified.

Jakub was dubbed a “hero” who “battled for his family” after intervening to protect his mom, Katarzyna Bastek, who was “severely harmed” in the incident in Miles Platting, Manchester, on Thursday evening.

On Friday night, a 44-year-old man was detained in Kent, some 250 miles away, on suspicion of murder, according to Greater Manchester Police.

Jakub’s mother is in her 40s and is healing from significant injuries in hospital, where she is said to be in a stable position while grieving the death of her son.

There’s no way the youngster isn’t a hero, a source close to Jakub, who is said to be one of four brothers. Everyone here loved him for his courtesy and compassion. He was silent, yet a guardian. He battled to protect his family. He was an incredible person, a hero, and he should be recognized as such.

On Saturday morning, forensic teams were seen working at the location, as a police cordon remained in place. Locals expressed respect to Jakub by placing a bouquet of flowers outside his home.

‘Last night’s murder has left a community reeling and a family coming to terms with what was an extremely sad occurrence for everyone concerned,’ said Detective Chief Inspector Alicia Smith of GMP’s Major Incident Team on Friday night.

A teenage kid with his entire life in front of him sadly died from his injuries, and not only is his mom mourning the death of her son, but she is also healing from what must have been a horrible experience. Their prayers are with the family, and they are completely dedicated to determining what occurred last night.

Detectives have been working day and night since this event was originally reported to them, and they have finally made an arrest, which is a big step forward in providing the family with the answers they want.

Jakub was treated at the scene for stab wounds before being brought to the hospital, where he died an hour later, according to the police.

Neighbors had expressed their horror at the furious double attack on the residence. One resident in Miles Platting’s peaceful terraced neighbourhood of Bednal Avenue claimed she peeked out the window to see doctors attempting to rescue the boy’s life on the street.

The woman, who asked to remain unidentified, stated that basically a dude just went in and stabbed the boy and the mom. She observed somebody attempting to revive the youngster. She noticed the ambulance workers as she peered out her bedroom window.

There was a lot of yelling, and then all the cops and ambulances arrived. She never imagined anything like that could happen around here. It’s terrifying. It’s terrible. It’s very astonishing that this has occurred in this neighbourhood.’

Shortly after the incident, the accused was last seen strolling on adjacent Sawley Road.

‘I didn’t know the family directly, but I heard about them,’ said one unnamed local.

‘It’s dreadful. It’s not something that occurs around here; the region has developed much due to regeneration, and it’s a shame.

‘It’s a terrible sensation, more than apprehensive; it’s emotional.’ It’s a terrible state of affairs.’

‘Last night’s events are nothing short of sad, as a young lad sadly passed away his life and a mom is mourning in hospital after also being savagely attacked,’ said Detective Chief Inspector Gina Brennand.

‘We have trained family liaison officers devoted to assisting her and her family at this terribly difficult period, and we are determined to do everything we can to ensure that the individual involved is brought to justice.’

‘This is a horrible situation for Manchester to wake up to. This was a vicious attack that resulted in the death of a teenage lad.’

Heartbreaking! Rest in peace brave boy. 

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