Hailey Bieber Breaks Silence On Justin Bieber Virus That Has Paralysed Part Of His Face.

Hailey Bieber expressed her love for her husband Justin Bieber following the singer’s sad Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis, which is a shingles condition that can result in facial paralysis. The model, 25, said ‘I love u baby’ on her Instagram Story while re-sharing a video Justin, 28, posted on Friday to his 240 million admirers revealing his diagnosis.

In the three-minute video, Justin couldn’t blink his right eye and the entire right half of his face was paralysed, rendering him unable to move.

The hearing loss and facial paralysis linked with Ramsay Hunt syndrome are transitory, but can become permanent, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The Baby hitmaker Justin expressed that he wanted to give you all an overview on what’s been going on. Clearly, one can likely see by his expression. He has Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is caused by a virus that targets the nerves in his ear and facial nerves, causing paralysis in his face.

Justin later gave a depressing update on his Instagram Story, writing, ‘it’s becoming increasingly difficult to eat, which has been really upsetting, please pray for him [tearing up emoji].’

The singer stated on Tuesday that he was cancelling the ‘next several performances’ of his seven-leg, 130-date Justice World Tour owing to ‘non-Covid related sickness.’ He can hardly believe he is saying this. He has tried everything to get well, but his illness is worsening, the 28-year-old pop diva, who has 539.2 million social media followers, wrote.

In his words, ‘it pains my heart that he will have to cancel these next few shows’ (doctors orders). I love you all very much, and I’m going to relax and get better.’

In the video uploaded on Friday, Justin demonstrated the terrible implications of his illness by not blinking, smiling, or moving his nostrils on the right side of his face.

He stated that there is complete paralysis on this side of his face. So, for those who are disappointed by his cancellations of the upcoming events, he is simply not physically capable of conducting them. As one can see, this is a severe situation.

He wished this wasn’t the situation, but his body is clearly indicating to him that he needs to slow down, and he hopes his fans will understand. He will use this time to rest, relax, and regain his strength so that he can accomplish what he was born to do.

According to, if antiviral therapy is administered within 72 hours of developing symptoms, around 70% of patients will see a nearly complete recovery, and if nerve damage is minor, healing should occur within a few weeks.

Justin continued by noting that he is doing everything he can to tackle the issues, including resting, but that he doesn’t know how long it will take him to heal.

‘I love you guys,’ he said. Thank you for your patience with me; I will improve. I’m doing all of these facial workouts to restore my face to normalcy, and it will.

‘It’s simply time; we don’t know how much time it will take, but it’ll be OK.’ I hope and trust God, and I believe that everything is happening for a purpose. I’m not certain what it is right now, but I’m going to relax and I love you all in the meanwhile. Peace.’

Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey was hospitalized in March for a minor blood clot in her brain, which caused her to have stroke-like symptoms. At the time, it was stated that Justin would not leave his 25-year-old wife’s side during her struggle. Justin was possibly more traumatised than even she is.

Hope Justin Bieber gets well soon. Praying for his speedy recovery.

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