The charming senior is celebrating her 100th birthday with her sisters, ages 102 and 104.

What could be better than turning 100? Frances Kompus will tell you that it’s turning 100 with your two older sisters at your side.

The centenarian spent her big day with sisters Julia Kopriva, 104, and Lucy Pochop, 102.

The three grandmothers have always been close, but much has changed since they were children on a farm in Kansas in the early 1900s.

Kompus expressed that it was good on the farm. She had a few geese to play with and even some roosters that she kept as pets.

Florian William Holub and Frances Rose Chleborad Holub gave birth to Kopriva in 1917, Pochop in 1919, and Kompus in 1921.

She remembers walking to school with her friends, Pochop stated. It was approximately a mile and a third. It had been a long hike.

They’d cross the meadow, stroll, and then stop at the creek to capture frogs and put them in their pockets, Kompus explained.

Because females did not normally wear pants back then, the girls worked on the farm in dresses.

She recalls her father not having new tractors, Korpriva remarked. They took petrol, gasoline in five-gallon buckets out on the field.

These ladies experienced the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.

It became gloomy at times. The instructors would phone the parents and tell them to come fetch them from school, Kopriva explained.

Back then, they had ancient houses, and her mom would constantly lay damp towels at the bottom so the dirt wouldn’t be too terrible to come in. The younger generation does not understand what they went through. One works today, however they worked even harder back then.

They claim that things are much better now than they were when they were younger.

One now has refrigerators and deep freezers, added Pochop. They didn’t have it back then. The sisters remember eating modest home cooked meals as children when food was scarce.

They always had fresh bread, simple potatoes, gravy, and meat. That was difficult to bake with such cookstoves. The temperature was difficult to maintain. Even if it didn’t out out well, they ate it, Kopriva explained.

While the sisters didn’t eat fancy, they did eat delicious cuisine, which they attribute to the fact that they’ve been around for a while.

They all had some words of wisdom for the next generation.

And pray and try not to get into mischief, Kopriva said.

She would advise them to walk frequently, Kompus added.

She believes that faith comes first, and thanks your parents and grandparents, Kopriva said.

Kompus was delighted to spend her 100th birthday in Atwood’s Sacred Heart Catholic Church, where she and her sisters had been christened, confirmed, and married throughout the years.

She really enjoyed it,” Kompus stated. “That was a fun celebration.”

In the video below, you may discover more about these three lovely sisters.

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