Little girl with alopecia is forever bald, yet she finds beauty in her baldness by adorning her head.

Most individuals obsess over their hair. Going bald is a significant dread for a lot of individuals since it may become a big part of your image and self-identity.

However one little girl is illustrating that you don’t need hair to be attractive or express yourself, and that hardship should not stop you from shining.

Gianessa Wride was a typical 7-year-old in first grade at the start of 2017. However, beginning on New Year’s Day, she began to lose her beautiful brown hair for no apparent cause.

Her mother, Daniella Vinanti Wride, said that she was combing Gianessa’s hair and it simply fell out, her mother, Daniella Vinanti Wride, said to Yahoo Beauty. At that point, she spotted a quarter-sized bald area on her head.

Gianessa was diagnosed with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes irreversible hair loss across the body.

Daniella revealed in an Instagram post that the alopecia was most likely caused by a recent stomach illness. There is no cure for the illness, and while the mother noted that there were treatments requiring steroid injections, the family decided to embrace her new amazing look.

Obviously, it wasn’t an easy transition. The difficulties Gianessa would encounter grieved both her and her mother.

It bothered her, Daniella said. It was difficult for her as well, but not because of her appearance. She was more concerned because she was afraid that someone might bully her kid, and she didn’t want her to ever feel less beautiful than she is.

Gianessa kept a brave face and let the rest of her hair fall out. Wigs and headscarves didn’t fit her, so she went with her natural baldness.

Daniella stated on Instagram, she is still her gorgeous, feisty, clever, loving, compassionate self. And she is looking forward to embracing this and attempting new things with her.

But the opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of her new look came from an unlikely source: a “Craziest Hair Competition” for her school’s Spirit Week.

Gianessa might have worn a goofy wig to the school celebration, yet she had a different plan: to make her bald head gleam and shine. She decked her head in sticky jewels, since she was always a fan of glitter and dazzling things.

‘Mom, this is amazing!’ her little girl said as she glanced in the mirror. Her pals enjoyed it as well, Daniella informed.

Gianessa was gorgeous. And, despite her fears that her fellow first graders would mock her appearance, she was a tremendous hit and came in first place in the Crazy Hair Day competition!

It was a moment that helped the girl restore her self-confidence and recognize the beauty in her baldness.

Gianessa expressed that she was heartbroken at first when she lost all her hair. But now she enjoys being bald. She has the ability to do things in her head that other youngsters do not. She is wondering if it could be great to adorn her head with some glittery butterflies and flowers.

Gianessa, who aspires to be a fashion designer, has since begun painting her head in interesting and inventive ways, which her mother promotes on Instagram. She is overjoyed that her daughter has become a role model for children who are experiencing hair loss.

Bald is just stunning! It’s incredibly amazing to watch somebody so young have the foresight to make the best of a bad circumstance and appreciate their own unique beauty.

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