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The queen’s beloved corgis are awaiting her at Windsor Castle

The guest list for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is huge. In recent days, dignitaries from around the world, namely President Joe Biden and star Sandra Oh, have travelled to London. The British monarchs personally welcomed hundreds of volunteers to Westminster Abbey. There was also the royal family, which included the queen’s kids and grandkids, as well as scores of additional relatives.

The guest list for the queen’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey was limited to around 2,000 persons. Hundreds of thousands more people lined the streets outside the abbey and along the funeral procession today, wishing to catch a final sight of the adored monarch as her body was carried to Windsor Castle and put to rest in St. George’s Chapel.

At Windsor Castle, two more familiar faces were sighted resting in the quadrangle of the centuries-old castle as the procession approached: Elizabeth’s last two corgis, Sandy and Muick (pronounced “Mick”).

Throughout her 70-year reign, the queen was nearly always accompanied by a dog. Her beloved dogs were corgis, which she was given as a youngster by her dad, but she also owned dorgis, a combination of Dachshunds and corgis. She had hundreds of dogs during the course of her life.

Many people have worried where the canines who survived the queen’s death at Balmoral Castle in Scotland will go since her death. On September 11, a source close to Prince Andrew, the queen’s third child, announced that the two corgis will go to his Windsor residence. On the day of the Queen’s burial, he was seen standing among the dogs and their handlers.

On Sept. 18, the day before the burial, Prince William — the queen’s grandson and now heir to the throne — comforted a lady that the “two very loving corgis” would be “taken after wonderfully” at their new excellent home.

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