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Video Shows Princess Charlotte Bursting Into Tears At Key Moment During Queen’s Funeral

Princess Charlotte, 7, and her elder brother, Prince George, 9, attended Queen Elizabeth’s burial. Despite their grief over the passing of their beloved great-grandmother, the two youngsters remained impressively composed during the lengthy day.

During the day, Princess Charlotte started to feel the weight of what was going on around her and started to cry, according to video.

Following the memorial ceremony, Queen Elizabeth’s casket was transferred from the gun carriage to the funeral van. Charlotte was seen on camera weeping at this time. Her mom intervened to console her.

When Prince Philip died, William informed George, Charlotte, and Louis that Prince Philip has gone to paradise and is now an angel, a royal insider stated. The royal three are most likely acquiring similar information on Queen Elizabeth.

Princess Charlotte appeared very mature at the burial. For the first time, she wore a hat to a royal occasion, and she accessorized her mourning coat with a horseshoe brooch given to her by Queen Elizabeth.

In the video below, you can observe Charlotte’s touching moment.

Princess Charlotte Gets Emotional at Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

Princess Charlotte broke down crying at her great-grandmother’s funeral.

Posted by Entertainment Tonight on Monday, 19 September 2022

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