‘This is what happens when two really lazy adults have four kids’

Bri James, a mother of four from the United States, posted a video on TikTok depicting what her house looks like after four days of not cleaning.

We all have duties that we want to postpone for as long as possible, but avoiding the laundry pile just contributes to more laundry. Skipping the dishes merely means you’ll have more to wash when you finally get around to it. Prolonging the inevitable just makes matters worse.

Bri James, a mother of four from the United States, uploaded a video on TikTok depicting the state of her home after not cleaning for four days.

She expressed she will block anyone that is cruel, adding, this is for accountability, not opinions.

Bri states in the video, she is certain she is going to get cooked. However, this is what occurs when two extremely lazy individuals produce four children and fail to tidy up after themselves.

“Four days, fellas. This is how my house looks after four days of not doing dishes or keeping things in their place. It’s not unclean; it’s just a mess, OK?”

Bri continued, “Barf, that’s horrible,” and finished by claiming she’ll clean it all up.

The video has been seen over 10.8 million times, and the reactions have been varied.


I will block those who are mean. this is to keep me accountable not for views.

♬ original sound – Bri James

“Your kids will remember this,” one individual said. “I recall never feeling at ease having friends around since my clothing stank. Not OK.”

“Ew, clean up!” said another.

“I’d be concerned about social services rather than getting burned,” said a third.

Some individuals felt sympathy for the mother, or they may have small children and understand what she is going through.

“”I became a minimalist because I was weary of keeping up with our five kids,” one mother explained. As a result, little is more.”

Another person stated, “This happens in our house from time to time. Life is hectic, and whether we’re working in the garden, playing, or studying, it shows in the house. Life continues.”

There were some excellent recommendations about including the children and training them how to pack things away from a young age, but anybody with small kids understands that often it takes far longer than dashing around the home packing it all away yourself – amiright?

Bri later posted a couple more videos, the last of which showed her house practically tidy again at 9:36pm.


I’m going to bed now. 🤣🥱😴

♬ original sound – Bri James

She remarked, ‘If you guys are ideal, perfect, wonderful people and can live like this every day, that’s fantastic. I am not. I have severe ADHD and depression, and there has been a lot of medical stuff going on with myself and our kid, as well as a slew of appointments, and my husband’s shift keeps changing, so LIFE, you know!”

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